Social Media

SEO- Search Engine Optimization, it’s not all about your website. There’s so much more including social media and if there’s one thing I know, it’s social media. Who would have thought that when this Face Book thing started it would have such an impact on businesses. How many people out there use Face Book to see what your friends, your friends enemies are up to? All in the midst of it, we see these little ads, but somewhere in our sub conscious we decide we want a slice of pizza from Pepe’s Pizza in my local market. IP addresses are amazing things. They’re like phone numbers. Its amazing how technology has figured out how to use the information with an IP address, to show relevant advertisement. Let’s face it, if I’m looking for a limo in Maine, I don’t want advertisements popping up for San Francisco Limousine Service or Limos Oregon. So remember, getting customers has just as much to do with social media sometimes more than just where your website sits.

Things Keep Changing!

It’s funny how SEO has changed, even in the last few months. It’s exciting to learn of new things first. Not only do you get a jump start on everyone else doing SEO but you can me the most knowledgeable. It’s great. There’s a “new” tool to use called Alexa. You can actually see what your competition is ranking, and you can see their backlinks, keywords and traffic.

Monitor Backlinks is another tool that you can use to check what your competitor is using for backlinks. This is huge because now you can see what they have and check too see if its worth having. Some backlinks are not powerful and others are very powerful. Some are more spammy. Junk. Nobody wants that on your site. It’s definitely worth checking out since it basically tells you whether or not your traffic will increase with certain keyword positioning. With SEMrush you can check competitors’s keyword ranking, see their advertising, paid search and backlinks. You can also do a SEO history of your blog. This one seems to be cool. Many people like it. And of course developers are coming out with new tools for us everyday. We always need the ever changing tools, and I for one get bored with the tools I use. How about Mondovo?? People are claiming this is the tool to have, and it does everything for SEO. It’s the swiss army knife of knives. What do you think?? It has a social section or tool that makes life so much easier as you can manage Face Book and Twitter accounts right from Mondovo. Now that is pretty cool. You can do all of the same keyword ranking, see backlinks, and see advertising as well but with this you get more in one place. I thought that was pretty sweet. You can even see when you get visitors so that you can make necessary changes to fit your customers.There’s always something new for us to learn and see. Don’t forget to keep your business and tools fresh. Gotta keep up! Good luck to all of you!




Google Why Are You Screwing With Me!

yeah, yeah, I know! Here I start a blog then I disappear! typical right?


Well I’m back, I have run into some interesting scenarios, first off did you know Google has made some very interesting changes. The 7 pack is now a three pack, and let’s just say if you don’t have your site mobile ready you might want to get on that! I have joined numerous different groups that claim to be the SEO know all’s, but guess what? It seems every person who has ever thrown up a website is a guru now! I even had one group where the guy who started it end up in jail! now that’s sad to say the least.

So I have come to a conclusion that is very simple. experiment with all of the pieces of the puzzle and let’s see what fits! First off let’s look at our content, packing key words onto a page does not seem to work! I have been playing with a theory that not all content is the same. If you stuff in keywords, guess what? You will do okay for a very short period of time, then into the SANDBOX you go!

Another thing that I found very interesting is the use of back linking. Did you know that a lot of people just try to cheat without even thinking about their clients end result. If you have an SEO guy building you links that you can’t even ready because it’s in Mandarin, you might want to run the other way! If your site get’s spanked don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Anyway I figured I would let you know, I have found that anyone can be a self proclaimed Guru! I’m just going to keep testing and sifting through the BS, I’ll post my results as I get them!



Wow was I sick!

Hey everyone I’m back! have you ever had a flu that just would not go away? I don’t mean to get off subject but I really need to talk about this chaga tea for a few minutes! I took every type of medicine that a pharmacy could offer and guess what, NOTHING WORKED! I was coughing and hacking all night, couldn’t sleep, or even lay down for that matter. I know this has nothing to do with optimization but I just didn’t feel good, it sucked! So back on point, I spent more time feeling sorry for myself then I did doing anything else. Well, my Mom and Dad apparently think of me as an adult now because they took off to go 4 wheeling up in Jackman Maine. I spent the week thinking that being an adult sucks! Anyone else think that growing up is overrated? So anyway they spent time with some good friends of theirs at Bishops Motel (Hi everyone, I miss you). Well my mother got talking with Glen (he’s the owner) and somehow I came up in the conversation. Glen then proceeded to tell my mother to go to Chaga Mountain and talk to Rene about getting some Chaga Tea! Well my Dad loves to talk and spent hours with Rene just learning all kinds of “cool new things”. Somehow, somewhere, someone came up with the notion that the mushroom that grows on white birch trees has some amazing benefits! I won’t get into all of the details and hearsay of what the benefits are, because let’s face it not everything you hear is true! But I need to tell you my experience was amazing! I started out laughing at my Mom when she said she picked me up some tea to make me “feel better”! Well after about two days of drinking this stuff I can honestly say I AM A BELIEVER! I’ve never felt better in my life! So I know this has nothing to do with optimizing sites, but I need to give a huge shout out to the people at Chaga Mountain for making an amazing Product and also for Putting up with my Dad’s Silly questions ;) So If your feeling down and out visit one of my new best friends at chaga mountain in Dennistown township near the Canadian Border, or visit thier site at Stay Healthy everyone, and I promise I’ll get back on track next time!

Top visited site

Google for the first time in the history is no longer the top visited site, now its wait for it…wait…wait…FaceBook!  Let’s talk about FaceBook. FaceBook is really coming into the advertising world, it seems that they really want more of the pie than they already have. You can promote pages and get likes and apparently likes and votes are pretty much the same thing. I’m not really sure how this has anything to do with search engine optimization but face book has options to promote your page, to like your page or advertise your page. They have insights that will show you how many people like your pages, how many new pages are liked, how many people are reached, how people engaged, it will show you the activities, gives you notifications of activities. face book reaches people around the globe. People are separated by 6 degrees and face book is closer. So maybe we are headed into a new era of time where social media will out do the big dogs. I kind hope not because I enjoy going on to my face book just to enjoy talking to my family and friends.

Domain Searching

There’s different schools of thought about domains. Some people think that buying an old domain is the way to go and others think its better to start with a fresh one. Now, lets break this down, with a new domain there’s no history, good bad or indifferent. So anything that’s put on it is coming directly from the owner of the domain. So its fresh and new without any links or backlinks. Now lets look at this from another perspective an old domain or a domain that has been used previously, there could be some positive benefits from some of the links. But the other side of this is, what happens if the previous owner did something shady or unethical, so now you’re buying this domain that has been used previously you’re taking a risk as to whether or not this has been spammed to death. Happy domain hunting. :-)

Moving Forward!

Okay  this optimization thing is a little complex at times. Did you know that companies don’t always play by the rules? If your in a local market, optimization is not all the hard, but to rank nationally or globally it’s another game all together. Now we have covered some basics of the business in a previous post. Let’s recap some highlights, content needs to be original and written for the public (Don’t write for google it won’t work). Let’s say your looking to rank for a lawn mowing site, you wouldn’t want to cram keywords everywhere on the page. Instead just write it for the customer your trying to obtain. See I’m learning that what they call white hat SEO is far more likely to stick around for the long haul then what they call black hat seo. White hat is transparent and above board, while black hat is shady and most likely will send your site into the google sandbox. Apparently I’m a slow learner but I’m very thorough when I do my research. Check in later and we can move on from here.

Hey there!

Hi everyone! So, I’m Gwyneth. I enjoy blogging, so I figured as I learn more about the internet and website building I would also fill you all in.  I am super interested in the internet world and what makes it go ’round. Have you ever stopped to think about how it all works? I have and then I researched it. Basically the internet is full of organic results or links. How do they get to be number 1? Well these links get rated in a number of things. They need to be approved by Google, they need to be real, and using the right key words will make a huge difference. For example: you may want to shop online and type in dresses. Well then you have tons of links with the word “dresses” or maybe we should try “spring dresses, short dresses, long dresses, maybe prom gown, or wedding dresses”. There are so many options, colors or by size. So, okay, I’m looking for a short black dress, and so I would type in exactly what I’m looking for and it will narrow the results. So depending on what you are building for a website, the name should be something someone is going to search for and in the write up, it should contain all of the different key words. Any words explaining your website name. That way when someone searches for anything in your write up, it will be found. Yes, I just learned something new! Not bad for 18. :-)